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About MoNeek

Monique Cooper began her journey in the hair, beauty, and fashion industries at a very young age styling hair and has continued throughout the years. As a young girl, she watched her mother walk the life of a model and followed in her footsteps with modeling, producing fashion shows and teaching young girls about fashion, elegance and grace. After attending the great Bethune Cookman University, where she was a part of the NCNW, NAACP, OES and Epicurean Modeling Troupe, Monique obtained her degree in Business Administration with the concentration in Management.

Monique moved back home to the great city of Miami to pursue a career in hospitality; however, she saw a better fit in education, changing career paths to teach as an interventionist in reading and math to grades 6-10. While working as an educator, Monique utilized several opportunities to lead projects organizing fundraising fashion shows for local organizations. A tremendous success was spearheading Community Day to help give food, clothes, and more to the homeless and families of the less fortunate. After 2 years, Monique advanced in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District landing a position in the Office of Community Engagement and School Volunteer Program where she currently works with the community, mentor organizations, and volunteers who give back to M-DCPS children.

Outside of her 9-to-5, she is co-owner of MiiFabulousity, an online fashion store, and co-author of a children's book series about her son's disabilities; which lead to her certification in Mental Health, Anxiety and ADHD Awareness life coaching..


Monique co-founded the Javan Allison Foundation after gaining certification to bring awareness to mental health and anxiety. She enjoys speaking to young girls about boosting their self-esteem and exploring their love for fashion. Monique continues to tackle several projects in the fashion and beauty industry, along with empowering kids like her son, Javan, who suffer from the 3 A's (asthma, anxiety, and ADHD). Keep up with Monique as she steps out into a world of her own, helping her community by succeeding as the entrepreneur she aims to be. 

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