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High school football is approaching. Thought I’d share some things I’ve learned as a mother/parent and what can help others or even give insight.

Being a parent of a athlete aka a football player; I had to learn some things on a day to day basis. Everything is so different now than it was back in my day. My son is going into his 10th grade year, so I consider myself broken into as a "football mom". That little league stuff didn’t prepare me enough to what is actually happening with high school football. Not saying it was all bad, but high school for sure is different. In this blog, you will see my personal notes. These are the notes for me to help my son be successful as an athlete.

1st thing is to look into the school your athlete is going to. Make sure that the school fits them academically. I did some research and looked into what was a best fit for my son academically. I know most kids have to go to their neighborhood school, but there are ways around that. So many resources and avenues to get your child to a school that fits them academically. Think about it, If a coach offered your son a starting position at their school where the team is thriving; you will find a way to get them there if it is not your home school.

2nd, I researched the school's football team. Now, I have a son who’s talents were overlooked during little league so I wanted to put him in the best hand of coaches who not only wants to win but don’t mind coaching kids up and actually giving them an opportunity. I did my own personal interview of the head coach as we did a meet and greet. The coach also got a chance to see what my son looked like and what he was all about.

After these two I then continued to push my son as he pushed himself to do extra work outside of high school coaching.

Let me rewind, most importantly is to see if your child is serious. You don’t want to waste your time or push him because it is what you want or what you wish you had been. A lot of parents like to live through their child and it can sometimes push their kid into a failing era.

Now after all of that, here are some things I have learned and I'm still learning:

  • Make sure your athlete gets outside training. They need to outwork themselves.

  • Post post post! Try to record and post as much as possible. Twitter is at the top for athletes but utilize all social medias. If you don’t know how too, get someone else to or learn. Your kid should be posting as well. It's about getting you kid known, getting the world to see their talents.

  • Make sure you are on top of them academically. Meet with counselors their 9th grade year so you know which route your kid is going when it comes to what’s needed for college. Matter of fact, meet with the Guidance Counselor every year to make sure your son/Athlete isn't missing anything.

  • Make sure they maintain a 3.0 or higher. There are so many benefits to having a high GPA. And please stay on them about their attendance! Doctors notes, parent notes, a talk with the attendance office and athletic director on the requirements to stay eligible as a player.

  • Florida Virtual School: It’s good to take a course or two. I believe Miami-Dade is mandatory to take at least 1 course. When they take the course, I suggest in the spring so they would be done the end of summer. That way they can have a easy breezy fall if they are a football player. In other words, don't overload during High Sporting season, which ever sport they are playing.

  • Make sure they pick up a second sport, especially one that’s going to help them in their talents for the main sport they would like.

  • Keep in mind there are also dual sport scholarships.

  • Verbal offers from college coaches are not binding but it can mean that they are keeping an eye on your player and come senior year it can become binding. Written that is. So make sure they attend camps in the summer, get out to meet the college coaches, go on the college tours. Make a name for your Athlete.

  • Have a support system for your athlete, when I say support, support whichever way, financially, physically showing up to games, parent support with whatever the coaches ask for, etc. Note that when the athlete see their supporters in the stands, it gives them that extra push to go harder. It can be one play they get to play and they actually make a great play and the supporters are there to see it!

  • When at the games, record. Don’t always depend on the film from the schools. The school's filming is good and is used to showcase the player to college coaches but you want to always have your own. Note: make sure you find ways to keep/screen record the film from qwik cuts, Hudl or whatever the school is using; if your child happen to leave the school, you wanna have that film with you.

  • Content is big. Let the world see your athlete talents. Record their every move from them working out, being trained or even their scholastic happenings academically.

  • Student comes before athlete for a reason. If your kid is a amazing player, a College Coach may not look at them if they are failing. Don’t go for the basic 2.0-2.5. Reach for the stars!

  • DO NOT depend on the high school coaches to get your athlete looked at with college coaches. As the parent, do your part. I like to look at myself as the momager. Highschool Coaches have so much to do, WIN, Make sure their players are getting plays, Good plays, Reaching out to Colleges to visit the school, Making sure players are getting offers and more. Help the coaches help Your player.

  • Teach your sons respect, to always stay humble but be confident. Coaches love coachable boys. Don’t come to a team with the attitude that you as the player trump the coaches decisions. Poor Attitude gets no plays, no plays, get no offers. Stay POSITIVE at all times.

  • Pay attention to teams that has plenty of your child's position. Meaning, if you're transferring or simply going to that school solely for the sport and they have about 3 minimum players starting at the position your child is playing; then know that your child is sharing play time unless they exceeds the other players talents.

  • Parents, never, I say never approach a coach about your sons playing time during or after a game. I suggest if you have some concerns, set a meeting up with the coach and see where your son can improve. Also, teach your son to do the same as well.

  • Always have a shirt, tie and dress shoes available.

  • Pay attention to scammers, do your research. You don't want to be paying for something so expensive that you can be doing on your own. Remember all things earned not given. But I will say this, INVEST in your child. You know how to differentiate Investing and getting scammed.

  • Last, is to teach our players how to speak. They are representing not only themselves but YOU, the parent and their TEAM. Today they are having impromptu interviews, podcasts and more. You never know when your athlete voice will be heard.

I think I covered the basics lol. It may seem a lot but this was helpful to me. Of course I have received help here and there for me to gain all this knowledge but know you are there to help your child to become a successful athlete. Now this is all my opinion and what I have learned and experienced for my Child. Everyone's situation is different but i'm sure there is something in my notes that can benefit you.

If you have some suggestions you would like to add, feel free to comment below.

It's been real, this Football Mom is ready for the season! I hope you are.

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