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She's Strong Because of her Silence

Physical, Mental, Verbal/Emotional, Financial and sexual abuse; these are all types of abuse a woman can go through. We love so hard and will always feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light can also seem like it’s right around the corner, but as soon as we think we are getting close it moves further away. All because of that light we thought we saw, is the same reason we stay in that abusive relationship. It was giving us hope.


For instance; women can identify their relationship like a car, or shall I say, identify the man like a car. When the car breaks down, we get it fix. We stick with that car no matter how many problems it gives us. We will take it back to the mechanic or dealership, get a price and pay for it. Men on the other hand; if the car gives problems or breaks down, most likely they will trade for a new, used or upgrade.

I was asked, “Why do women stay and not say anything when the man is treating them so wrong?

This is my intake and response; some may agree, and some may have questions.

When she is taking that abuse from him; she has so many thoughts going on in her head. She thinks about when they fell in love (Oh the good times), he may be upset from having a bad day, whatever she thinks she did, it may not happen again if she makes a few adjustments and changes with herself. She looks at the possible good that is still in him and gives him another chance. While giving him plenty of second chances, why tell a soul of what she is going through if she is going to stay with him. she will only look bad for it.

“She is Weak! If that was me, I would kick him to the curb. She stupid! How can she live with herself for staying with a BOY like that!” This is what others will think or even say. In their eyes, she is weak. Now this woman walks around with shame and embarrassment because she opened her mouth about her abusive relationship that she continued to stay in. When I say abusive, don’t get it twisted. It doesn’t always have to be physical. There are some Psychological manipulators out there and they don’t even know it, that is a form of mental abusive.

Now let her finally leave that relationship and not have said anything to a soul until she knew it was finally over; SHE’s Strong! “You’re a strong woman to have dealt with so much hurt and pain.” Why is that? Why do she have to stay silent in order to get respect from others and not be judged as a weak woman. Women have nine lives, just like they say cats do. Break a vase one time, then glue it back together. Break it several times and it will be hard to glue those pieces back together. This is when she can’t endure no more. Can she break her silence and still be a Strong Woman?

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